Do you need a single part made to repair a piece of equipment? Are you looking for a small number of pieces for prototypes? Do you need hundreds of pieces made for production? KLT Group offers custom CNC machining services with products made to your exact specifications. Our capabilities include machining of a wide range of metals, and we can produce finished products at extremely tight tolerances utilizing our CNC machining equipment.

KLT Group has a highly-experienced team of machinists that can handle any type of custom or specialty CNC machining for small, medium and large sized businesses. As a precision CNC machining company, we understand the importance of quality, and our team strives to deliver only the finest results.

KLT Group offers custom CNC machining to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Mayland, D.C., and Virginia that businesses can trust. We take extreme pride in our track record of supplying quality machining services that are on-time for our customers. Our focus on quality guarantees that all products are produced to our client’s specifications.

Heavy turning on our Hurco TMX8

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Hurco VMXX42i | Rough Pass | Material:1018 CRS | Tool:1/2″ Solid Carbide HTC Endmill | Feedrate: 120 IPM @6600RPM | 1″ Depth of cut, No Coolant with Air Blast.

High Precision Custom CNC Machining Services

Our experienced machinists and versatile machines are well equipped to tackle even the most complex precision machined metal components. From smaller volumes to high volumes, with our precision machinery, along with our in-house deburring and finishing capabilities, our team is ready to provide you the quality you deserve. Many of our machining projects require extreme attention to detail due to the end user in point of purchase, architectural, entertainment, pharmaceutical industries, and material handling industries.

CNC Machining Capabilities

KLT Group’s CNC Machining services include precision machining for custom parts & components. Parts & components such as simple 2D components and complex 3D surfaced components. Our CNC machining capabilities include milling, turning, drilling & boring. Materials such as alloy steel, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, cast iron, tool steel, Inconel®, Monel®, titanium & Hastelloy® are used. Design-engineering and prototyping services are available. Our CNC Machining Services is ISO compliant. Design support and value engineering services are available to maximize the efficiency of your project.

metal machining shop | KLT Group Inc.

The KLT Advantage

KLT utilizes Hurco CNC machinery for its industry-leading conversational programming.  Hurco’s platform is designed to make small batch/high mix production efficient. This allows for reduced programming and setup times creating a productive job shop environment.

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Product Support

Custom CNC machining services provided by KLT Group can be useful in any stage of the product development process. Whether you are ready for a complete production run of components or you’re looking to prototype a new product, KLT Group can help.

  • Design: Whether you already have a CAD drawing, a detailed sketch or just an idea written on a napkin, KLT Group can help with the design of your custom product before any machining begins. KLT can bridge the gap between your design and the finished product.
  • Machining: The actual development of your custom product, all to your specifications.
  • Finishing and assembly: KLT Group can provide plating, painting, powder coating and assembly services in order to provide our customers with a turnkey product.

CNC Machining Equipment

KLT Group has invested in top-quality CNC machining equipment capable of up to 5 Axis Machining so that we can cost-effectively produce our client’s products. Our equipment list includes:


  • Hurco TMX8MYi – Live tooling, Y-axis & tail stock – 14″ Max dia, 65mm thru spindle
  • Hurco TMX8MYS – Live tooling, Y-axis & sub-spindle w/part conveyor – 14” Max dia, 65mm thru spindle
  • Hurco TMX8 Turning Center – 14” Max dia, 65mm thru spindle, 21.1” Max turning length
  • Hurco TM6i Turning Center w/barfeed – 45mm thru spindle, 13.4” Max turning length
  • Hardinge Manual Lathe


  • (2) Hurco VMX42i VMC w/part & tool probing, CTS, X:42”, Y:24”, Z:24”
  • Hurco VM30i VMC w/part & tool probing, CTS, X:50”, Y:20”, Z:20”
  • Hurco BMC 3017 VMC, X:30”, Y:17”, Z:24”
  • Hurco VM10 VMC, X:26”, Y:16”, Z:20”
  • Hurco VM3 VMC w/full 4th axis, part & tool probing, X:50”, Y:18”, Z:18”
  • Hurco VM One VMC, X:26″. y:16″, z:14″
  • Prototrak DPM V3 – prototype/short run milling
  • Sharp LMV-50 Vertical Knee Mill

CNC Router:

  • Rebel – 7ft x 10ft Table with Vacuum Hold Down


  • (3) Burrking 760 Belt Sander
  • Blast Cabinet SBC990
  • Royson Model 3C Vibratory Tumbler
  • Royson Model 5CTV-IS Large bowl finisher w/part separation
  • Small Bowl Tumbler
  • Timesaver 948 mini belt – 9” wide capacity
  • (2) Walter Line-Mate Drum Sanders
  • (2) Pneumatic Dynafiles
  • (1) Metabo Tube Belt Sander
  • Capital Electro Polisher
  • Crest Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner